Our experienced team of practitioners and therapists will work with you to achieve the best possible results based outcomes.

Over the years our team has worked synergistically to provide honest, caring treatment for all patients. At Your Health Matters, you know you are in safe hands with practitioners who have worked professionally as a team for many years.

The promise of gently caring for all patients has existed for the past 40 years as we continue to strive to provide the best of care, injury rehabilitation and treatment, well-being and preventive care, because… your health matters.


    Dr Peter Pedersen (D.O. D.C. NTMD)

    43 years of clinical practice and 250,000+ patient consults, Dr Pedersen places an emphasis on healthcare options and drug-free treatment alternatives.

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    Dr Clive Carter (D.C.D.O)

    Chiropractor since 1977, Dr Clive Carter (D.C. D.O.) has developed his natural health care treatments to include a range of therapies for restoring function and physiology of the body.

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  • Mai - Massage Therapist

  • Karen - Massage Therapist

  • Miya - Massage Therapist

  • Nee - Massage Therapist