We offer sports injury rehabilitation Gold Coast options to help treat injuries such as torn, pulled or strained muscles, shin splints, muscle spasms, dislocations and sprains.

Our qualified and experienced sports injury rehabilitation Gold Coast practitioners have experience with athletes from most disciplines. We have treated many types of sports injuries at various phases of recovery. We are located close to some of the Gold Coast’s biggest clubs and sporting venues (Metricon stadium is just down the road) so making sure we have a strong professional team is important at your health matters. From massage and advice on strapping to helping reduce the recovery time on nasty injuries that keep you on the sidelines—we’ve got you covered.

With our diverse range of treatment options, we have successfully treated players from AFL, league, union, soccer, tennis, swimming, athletics, runners and marathoners, cyclists, tri-athletes, ten-pin bowling, cricket, martial arts, boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, aikido, surfing, baseball, gridiron, crocquet, lawn bowls, boce, dancing, hang-gliders and para-sailers… if it’s a sport, chances are we’ve treated an injury sustained while playing.

We provide experienced care with any and all sports injuries and will walk you back to recovery with expert rehabilitation methods.

Got back pain?

When back pain disrupts activity, a comprehensive analysis to properly determine the cause and best treatment is the safest approach. In cases of acute pain we sometimes approach with a combination of therapies to offer the most effective pain relief. Safe and thorough after care is  essential to support continued recovery so we “keep you close” during your recovery phase and maintain care for continued spinal care.