Our Gold Coast chiropractors offer treatments to help address back pain, neck pain, referring pain, headaches, injuries or postural imbalances. We aim to alleviate any restrictions along the spine to help return joints, muscles and ligaments to improved function and assist a return to a healthy lifestyle.

Chiropractic is a health care discipline that is mainly concerned with the health of the vertebral (spinal) column and the nervous system.

Spinal adjustments (manipulation) have been known to assist with back and neck pain as well as many other conditions related to restriction, tightness and loss of mobility—such as tension headaches or aching muscles and joints. They do this by assisting in the relief of stress that builds up from injury or simply the busyness of everyday living.

Some chiropractors use non-force techniques. A popular alternative to manual techniques is “Instrument Adjusting” (used at our clinic by Dr. Clive Carter), which utilises a variety of mechanical devices that deliver a very specific (and gentle) impact. You may prefer this if don’t like the feeling of adjustments (manipulation).

Looking for a more holistic treatment?

Some of our Gold Coast chiropractors hold additional qualifications in acupuncture, naturopathy, physiotherapy and myofascial therapy trigger point dry needling, meaning you get a holistic treatment that can help address your pain from a number of angles.

Types Of Treatment

No two chiropractic treatments will be the same and nor should they be. Proper diagnosis should precede treatment of any type and care taken to select a chiropractor who utilises a host of treatment options aside from manipulation.

  • Diagnosis

    While some types of back pain can benefit from spinal manipulation, not every patient who sees a chiropractor needs it. This is why we begin with an appropriate diagnosis, use spinal manipulation only when indicated, never order unnecessary x-rays, and refer to an appropriate physician when needed.

  • Manipulation

    Manipulation is a hands-on procedure used to restore normal movement by loosening joints and stretching tight muscles. In some cases, manipulation will restore normal movement by unlocking a joint or by breaking down adhesions.

  • Mobilisation

    Mobilization simply stretches soft tissues by moving joints through a full range of movement. Mobilization can increase the range of motion of the arms, legs, and shoulders, but manipulation may be more effective in relieving pain and restoring normal movement in the spinal joints.

Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractic can provide effective relief for back and neck pain as well as for various other musculoskeletal problems.

  • Effective relief from sciatica, working to correct the issue and eliminate the cause.
  • Treats lower back pain both in chronic and acute cases
  • Alleviate neck pain and tension from desk work or stress
  • Reduce regularity of stress and tension headaches
  • Help to prevent surgery or injury through improving spinal mobility and function
  • Alleviates discomfort of scoliosis, when coupled with other muscular rehabilitation techniques
  • Significant improvement in mobility and pain reduction for frozen shoulder
  • Treatment of sport or athletic injuries assists a return to training faster
  • Safe and effective treatment for children of all ages. We gently care for our children