FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent)

FSM uses microamperage current and the resonance effects of frequencies to change inflamed, painful and dysfunctional tissue.

Those who benefit include:

  • Fibromyalgia patients, especially those who developed fibromyalgia after neck injuries

  • Patients with chronic low back pain, arthritis, myofascial pain from trigger points in the head neck face and lower back.

  • Anyone who suffers from nerve, muscle, back or limb pain, and conventional treatment has not been effective.

  • Shingles Pain - One frequency combination is effective for shingles pain and shortens the course of the infection.
  • Professional athletes who have had traumatic injuries recover faster when treated with FSM, including Terrell Owens, Tony Parrish, Bill Romanowski and many others.

The number of FSM treatments required for a condition can be determined during the initial consultation depending on the severity of the condition. Treatment is continued until symptoms and physiological irregularities are corrected, usually 3-4 treatments.

Preparation For FSM

Prior to your treatment it is important that we prepare your body for maximum frequency conduction. Graphite gloves are used during your treatment either directly to the area to be treated or alternatively gloves will be wrapped in towels for full body conduction. The graphite gloves need to be used on skin free of any lotions or creams.

Please do not use a body moisturizer or any other cream to the area to be treated.

Drink one litre of water of water prior to your treatment to assist hydration. When you arrive for your treatment you will be given a pleasant tasting drink of Endura Rehydration Formula to encourage cellular hydration.

Allow one hour for the treatment.

During Treatment

FSM uses frequencies that are sub sensory to nerve firing so any sensation will be minimal. Because FSM treatment includes frequencies to detoxify; all patients are given one of each, Kaprex and Oxygenics to assist the removal of toxins after treatment. We recommend that you continue to drink plenty of water over the next 24 hours to assist the detoxification process.

After Treatment

During treatment toxins are released into the bloodstream and carried to the liver which then has the job of detoxification. If the liver has difficulty with elimination it may result in some minor temporary side effects such as tiredness, temporary increase in symptoms and sometimes a'floaty feeling.' The effects are easily rectified by increasing water intake.


All FSM treatments are 1hr

Initial: $190

Subsequent: $150

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