Providing excellence in Gold Coast holistic health care since 1980.

With roots beginning in 1980 with our original Surfers Paradise clinic located in “Trust House”, we are one of the longest practicing natural healthcare clinics on the Gold Coast. As the first to offer the full spectrum of osteopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, natural health, yoga and medical services, all within the one practice, we set the benchmark for what has become known as “Integrative Healthcare”. We continue to offer the wide spectrum of natural health services for the wellbeing of our patients.

Over the years, our practice team has grown and evolved. Things have changed in healthcare since the 1980s—thankfully. But, for us, one thing still remains. We still live by the same philosophy…that Your Health Matters.

With an emphasis on the structural and functional, we approach the structural integrity of your body from all angles. The extensive scope of our practitioners and services reflect this. We lean to the scientific rather than the metaphysical. We are interested in structural biomechanics, from the feet up, literally…we check for foot posture conditions (eg pronation) that may be causing problems elsewhere in the body.

We teach postural therapy based on the Alexander Technique and have created a whole body stretching routine with bits borrowed from Tai Chi, Yoga and the stretching guru Anderson.

We are very fond of myofascial therapy trigger point dry needling and combination treatments. Not sure what those are or how they can benefit you? Give us a call and we’ll give you the run down.

If you happen to be looking for trusted and respected professionals who can support you with crisis care or prevention, you’ve stumbled onto the right natural health centre page.

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