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Kutus Kutus Oil

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Kutus Kutus is a herbal oil derived from a diverse mixture of plants, roots, bark, and herbs. A traditional procedure helps in the preparation of the oil resulting in a product that promotes the healing process as it is safe and straightforward to apply to areas of pain.

Kutus Kutus activates the energy of the body that is often called “CHI” and
helps to maintain balance and health to the body. CHI energy is the core of life
that flows on the meridian lines of our bodies. Interference or a blockage of the
“CHI” disrupts the body organs.

This is a healing oil that comprises 100% natural formulation of 69 medicinal plants and herbs as well as some essential oils!

The herbal ingredients inside the Kutus Kutus Oil may help alleviate and healing your body conditions. Its aromatherapy elements can be used to relieve stress and induce relaxation to the mind. The Kutus Kutus oil is safe for everyday use, for all ages from infants to seniors. 

 Use topically. 

How is Kutus Kutus Oil applied?

Add a small amount (or one spray) to the affected area and massage in until the oil is absorbed into the skin. You can sprinkle the oil onto the affected areas drop-wise.

– Massage the oil into the skin, so the oil soaks into the pores and stimulates
• In the soles of the feet and toes area
• Along the spine from the nape of the head to the tail bone
• Throughout the rest of the body
Apply the oil 3 times daily on a regular basis until your health is fully recovered and if your illness is a little severe and persistent, apply the Oil every 1-2 hours for a quick recovery.

Treatment using Kutus Kutus Oil is recommended to continue for 2-3 months
continuously to achieve maximum results.

For general health use every day on the soles of your feet before retiring to

The medicine is not safe for ingestion but for external use only, i.e., Use on
your skin.

    Kutus Kutus Oil
    Kutus Kutus Oil
    Kutus Kutus Oil
    Kutus Kutus Oil