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If you are what you eat ....
would you be a salad or a hamburger?

You Are What You Eat - Naturopathic Article Reprint


Vegetables - Salad - Alkaline Food
Hamburger - Acid Food


Two words, ALKALINE - ACID

The bottom line is that the more acid your system, the more aches and pains. For most of us it has been a gradual process, barely noticeable in the beginning, with subtle symptoms that don’t intrude too much into our daily lives. Until it does. One day our body, demanding our attention turns up the pain volume until we DO something.

After eating, digesting and metabolising, food releases either acid or alkaline secretions into the body. What makes us more acid? Apart from the obvious: ‘stress’ all the fun stuff like sugar treats, a daily chardonnay or beers, chips, hamburgers, deep fried anything, sauces, bread, (lots of bread) and dining out so that we can do them all in one sitting!

All this contributes to a slow deterioration of taste buds too, with good food no longer satisfying the pallet, creating cravings that need to be assuaged and reducing the appreciation of healthy food.

That’s not all that makes us acid, It’s not just what we eat. A typical Western diet combined with emotional stress, high toxin exposure (ie some professions) ageing and lack of exercise creates a heavy toxic load for the body. Why should we care about being acid? We could easily ignore the concept entirely, but for the fact that a heavy acid load is far more than the body can cope with. If the body is unable to adjust because there is just too much to do, inflammation and cell damage occurs. In this imbalanced state, body functions are compromised.

Imagine waking in the morning without pain, standing without sore feet, walking without knee pain, eating without indigestion, feeling energetic without headaches or foggy thinking, being able to touch your toes again, feeling more comfortable in clothes and enjoying the taste of good food again. If acidity is your weakness you can correct it with a few changes in your diet and take back your life!

It’s simple once you get past the no grains shock and worth the effort with the results offering reduced inflammation in the entire body. The Acid/Alkaline diet is all mapped out for you and there are no grey areas when it comes to how to do it. It’s black and white and you will have no stress following the guidelines of the acid alkaline protocol.

Ask for your copy of the Food Chart when you next visit the YHM clinic.

The chart includes a comprehensive list of acid and alkaline foods to help you balance.

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