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Robin Tim So - Practitioner Profile

Robin Tim So - Traditional Acupuncturist - Feng Shui consultant and lecturer.



Having completed his initial studies in 1980, Robin is now an accomplished practitioner with over 30 years clinical acupuncture experience.

He continues to lecture internationally and practices on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Robin uses not only acupuncture in his treatments but a deeper understanding of the emotional components causing ill health. 50% is to do with understand and 50% is to do with healing.

Robin is also skilled in Myorthotics is a muscle release technique similar to the Bowen technique.

In the early 1980's Robin trained with Dr. Robert Lucy, whom trained directly with the founder, Bowen himself. Dr. Lucy subsequently developed the technique that he named Myorthotics.

Robin has continued to use Myorthotics as an adjunct to his practise with an average session about 45 minutes.

Frozen shoulder, neck and back tension spasms, knee problems, TMJ, tennis elbow, curvature of spine are just a few of the symptoms Myorthotics greatly improves.


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