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Kathy Pedersen - Practitioner Profile

Kathy Pedersen - Health and Beauty professional

Qi beauty system training

Kathy Pedersen has developed Qi Beauty ... the anti-ageing process stimulating the known regenerative acupuncture points without needles, to increase Qi (chi), to hydrate and energize...

Because every face has different needs, every Qi beauty facial is unique; lines and skin tone detemine the placement of 1,000 magnetic gold plated microspheres. With magnets in place, with Qi rising, your skin is treated to an amazing fusion of plant nutrient stimulate, repair, tighten and nourish.


Qi beauty system training


Skin tone and moisture varies from person to person and from day to day. Kathy Pedersen's exclusive formulas, comprising natural Australian plant extracts, enriched with vitamin and mineral nutrients, are personally matched to your skin.

The results are immediately visible.

Stimulate circulation and increase the hydration of your skin without injections, heat or abrasion.

Call Kathy Pedersen on 5527 3002 for your first appointment

For all information regarding our Australian made Qi beauty products,please visit the Qi beauty web-site


Phone 5527 3001 for appointment 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and until 3pm Saturday

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Qibeauty face

Regenerate and Rehydrate

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Qi Beauty

Anti ageing without the chemical consequences!



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