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Article by Dr Peter Richard Pedersen

The name HYDROGENOID sounds like a new type of margarine, or the name given to a Hollywood block buster. However, it is the name used in Homoeopathy and identified by iridologists for a constitutional condition, relating to a specific constitutional type that causes specific poor health conditions. We see many patients who have been told that they are "hydrogenated" or "hydrogenised"... we hope this brief outline helps your understanding of the Hyrdogenoid Constitution.

Here are some (but not all) likely scenarios for the HYDROGENOID……

Weight loss unsuccessful despite diets and exercise, weight gain without overeating, bloating and abdominal distension, aching joints and stiff, sore muscles made worse by colder weather, respiratory conditions worsen in damp weather, fluid retention, runny or stuffy nose, excessive phlegm and mucous, poor digestion...

Personal Traits

Are you a person who loves ‘peace and quiet’, so much so you could live on a deserted island by yourself with only a dictionary for company?

Have you been asked ‘when is your baby due’, when you knew it was the help of last night’s meal that was expanding your waistline?

Do people irritate you, or are you really that annoying?

Do you often get the dreaded tonsillitis, or any of the "itis's"

An experienced iridologist can establish if you are of the hydrogenoid constitutional type.

An examination of your iris, with magnifier or camera, will quickly confirm if you need to pursue treatment, and how that treatment should be directed.

Why should a HYDROGENOID seek to have treatment?

Unfortunately, the overall health of an hydrogenoid is affected. They will have problems digesting and assimilating fats in the body. If you remember earlier we mentioned about the bulging tummy.  It is this engorgement of the waistline that indicates the (possible) presence of brown fat. This brown fat, which we know isn’t just unsightly to look at, is also very sinister indeed.  It contains a ‘richer’ supply of blood vessels compared to white fat, therefore the fat becomes energized and subject to producing heat.  As you know there are people who don’t need an electric blanket in the winter and that’s because their stomach is producing enough heat for two.

The serious health risks are Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Insulin Resistance and Obesity. Not a very graceful exit.

Treatment Options for the HYDROGENOID

First of all, most importantly...DON’T DETOX.  The trick is to make sure you DECONGEST before you go into any ‘whiz bang’ detox. We see a lot of people misguided into a detox program or over-the-counter product that does more harm than good.

The Naturopath at Your Health Matters Nerang, specializes in the Hydrogenoid’s health issues and the treatment of this condition. Your assessment will determine the existence (or not) of the condition, more importantly, an iridology assessment will identify your Constitutional type so that you may choose your best health care choices.

Do your eyes look like this?

hydrogenoid iris

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