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Providing excellence in healthcare on the Gold Coast since 1980

Your Health Matters - Group Practice

Whilst our practice is one of many, we have the distinction of being the first "holistic" practice on the Gold Coast. Our original location in "Trust House" (Surfers' Paradise) was established in 1980. We think that makes us the oldest practice in the region, but we really don't want to shout about that particular distinction.

We were also the first to offer the spectrum of chiropractic/osteopathy, natural health and medical services in the one practice. That really is something to talk about...

Such was the demand for our "new" holistic approach that we started classes...massage for back pain and general relaxation, myofascial therapy trigger point dry needling for chronic pain, nutrition for weight loss, general health and specific conditions: we did ADHD diets before the label was invented...then we established a school,

"The Academy of Natural Therapies"

and for several years we provided quality, low cost education in natural health. Our emphasis was on quality education at an affordable price...but we were too successfull and the school became too large for us to manage, so it was sold to Osteopath Dr Ross Mack, who ran it for a few years and then sold it to T.A.F.E., where the college resides today.

In June 1981 we conducted the first "Health Expo" in Queensland, in the grounds of the Surfers' Paradise T.A.F.E. campus. Two days of free talks & demonstrations, herbs, vegetarian food, Tai Chi, Polarity Energy Balancing, Applied Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, Orthomolecular Nutrition (with the late Dr William Vayda), and a dozen other "new and radical" natural health displays. The Gold Coast was a bit behind the rest of Australia back then. As the premier holiday location in the country, the emphasis was on shopping, sun, surf, sex and lookin' good. Some things never change!

If you remember the "Gold Coast Health Expo" or were a patient or student in those early days, we would love to hear from you.

Over the years our practice team has grown and changed; practitioners maturing and venturing into their own clinics, pursuing further study, retiring or just going separate ways. The core has evolved, time and experience are great teachers, but always with the same philosophy that your health matters.

Since 1985, we have been located in the geographic centre of the Gold Coast, near the Nerang Rail Station.

Your Health Matters is a group practice, with qualified practitioners working in their chosen field.

Our emphasis is the physical; prevention still takes second place to crisis care, not because we want it to, but more people come to us injured than well. We are interested in structural biomechanics, from the feet up, and we have a physiotherapist who can assess foot pronation and heat mold orthotics for immediate use.

We lean to the scientific rather than the spiritual...our Reiki practitioner also has a Bachelor of Science degree. We will refer patients for X-ray if they have a spinal condition. (Not just a one-off sore back, an actual condition.) If your condition is not suited to our care, we will refer you to the most appropriate practitioner.

East meets West with a combination of Osteopathy & Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Myotherapy & Massage, Applied Kinesiology & Pilates. We teach postural therapy in the style of Alexander and have created a whole body stretching routine with bits borrowed from Tai Chi, Yoga and the stretching guru, Anderson. We are very fond of myofascial therapy trigger point dry needling and biomesotherapy.


Gratitude from Dr Peter Pedersen:

The Sydney College of Osteopathy and Chiropractic (SCO-C) provided an increasingly thorough education for many students in the 60's and 70's. So I am told.

Starting as The Academy of Natural Therapeutics, possibly mid 1950's and having several rebirthings from what I can discover, with lots of personalities involved and several factions fighting for control.

Humble beginnings indeed, but noble in that an actual education was involved...considering that several naturopathic or chiropractic or osteopathic schools offered brief courses...correspondence if you wish, a few weekends if you were busy.

Hey... back then you could stick up a shingle and call yourself a chiropractor or osteopath or naturopath or acupuncturist without any training. Many did! To the credit of The Sydney College, they had a had to attend in person, do the exams and actually pass!

There was no registration of any natural health profession in Australia and there existed a confusing background of political posturing by several disparate groups who sought to dominate each profession. My passion was chiropractic and I had to choose from the rat-pack of schools that took your money and gave you a piece of parchment. Fortunately my girlfriend Lynda Rigby (now Lynda Hill, the world famous Sabian Symbols author, lecturer), steered me towards the converted factory in Ashfield. Seriously! Did I say "humble?" It was a two storey factory in a back street opposite the train station in ASHFIELD! There was a school in a converted garage in Double Bay and one under a house, a nice house, in Mosman! And I lived in Manly!

But her most-highly-respected-naturopath-boss, Maurice Blackmore, (Blackmores Laboratories) and her not-to-be-argued-with father, the redoubtable Mr Ken Rigby, told me...Sydney College of Osteopahty & Chiropractic!

It was either Sydney College or pack off to USA to attend one of the big American schools. American trained chiropractors denied the existance of an Australian school of chiropractic, refused SCO-C graduates membership of their association (ACA) and generally played bully-boy politically to ensure the demise of anything other than "american chiropractic". So clearly, I chose the Sydney College!

It was into this frothy mileau that I fronted fresh faced to study for the three year Diploma of Osteopathy and Chiropractic in 1973.

It was to be part-time, four nights a week and odd student loans or Govt funding! But things change and in 1974, NSW Registration of the profession was looming, this meant that any Course must be at the standard of a Science Degree, so they upped the course content, bumped it to four years...full time! One year down, three to go!

Somewhere mid 1975 it was decided that the course was just too damn easy, so medical lecturers were brought in... osteopathy and chiropractic students were going to be educated like "real" doctors. Anatomy and physiology? Tick! Chemistry and Biochemistry? Tick! Neurology and Endocrinology? Tick! But Pharmacology, psychology and every other bloody medical ology they could throw at us...or the sake of appearances. Our medical lecturers even admitted that our course was over the top, subject material was exceeding the Bachelor of Medicine and if we survived the course, we were never going to use most of the medical content. (74 students enrolled in first year, 12 graduated end of '77)

My final year was magnificent, I got to work in some of the best chiropractors' clinics, gained experience I will be ever grateful for and decided to study my spare time! I admit to coffee and cigarettes. Sleep? Nah!

Finished my (double) Diplomas, got my Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Chiropractic, a Certificate of Acupuncture and even quit smoking...but my efforts as an individual, as a student...would have come to nothing if not for the few who gave so very much.

Thank you to the lecturers who had such lousy conditions and gave their all, the administrators and college council who sacrificed thousands of hours of their own time to ensure that standards were met (surpassed), the staff who worked more for love than money...the excellence of our profession was set by your dedication.

The Registration of our profession was also the beginning of the end for SCO-C, a private college was never going to be accepted as an educational standard and by (about) 1981 it was all over for the independant education of chiropractors and osteopaths. Sydney College of Chiropractic was absorbed into Macquarie University not long after and the Osteopathic college was disolved.

Special thanks to:

Drs Gary Stavrou, Ronald Flint, Helene Knox, George Portelli and our departed and greatly missed, Drs William Vayda, Mal Henningham and Bernard Lyle.

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Nong (Massage)

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Mai Muto

Robin Tim So(Acupuncture)

Chrissie Gray (Massage)

Kathy Pedersen (Qi beauty training)

Kirby Pedersen (Yoga Teacher, Reiki)

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