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BMT - Biomesotherapy

What is Biomesotherapy ?

Biomesotherapy is a natural type of therapy consisting of the use of homeopathic products and the stimulation of specific points of the body by injecting a sterile saline solution under the skin.

It combines the knowleadge of acupuncture, trigger points and homeopathic medicines to stimulate the body's own healing capacity.

Most of the injections given are under the skin (subcutaneous). Certain points such as Acupuncture and trigger points are used along with specific local pain points.

Biomesotherapy is similar to Homeosiniatry (Acupuncture combined with Homeopathy) and Neuraltherapy in its application, however the difference lies in injection points and depth of application, medicines used also differ.

Biomesotherapy stimulates what is known as the cutivisceral response. Oral homeopathic medicines may be given simultaneously which focus on the organ or tissue requiring treatment.

It is very effective for PAIN MANAGEMENT and has been shown to be comparable to cortisone therapy without the added side affects.

Biomesotherapy can complement chiropractic, physical and sports injury therapy's or may be used on its own depending on the type of condition.

It may be used to treat various sports injuries, muscular pain, arthritis, chronic pain, lower back pain, neck pain and other types of acute or chronic injuries.

It is especially effective in acute injuries and has been shown to decrease the duration of some sports injuries, helping athletes resume their normal activity faster.


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